Being a daughter of a Bicolano, I can definitely say that I already have a Master’s degree in long drives and roadtrips. We visit our hometown almost every year. I can watch every tight and steep turn in Quezon-Bicol’s version of Kennon Road, Bitukang Manok and I can sleep through the herky-jerky Quirino Highway. After more than 10 years of summer and Christmas vacations spent in Sorsogon, with each trip taking about 10-12 hours from Laguna and another 10-12 hours going back, I already knew I am on my way to becoming a road ranger.

This trip to Bicol however, was different. We took a planned little detour and discovered more of Bicol.


A 2-hour drive and a 2-hour boat ride from Naga City in Camarines Sur will take you to Caramoan. This island paradise is charming.


The place boasts of limestone islands, pristine beaches and lush greenery. We hopped four of the open islands in one day. Lahos, Matukad, Cadbalinad and Minalagos.







We only stayed for a day, thus the measly number of photos, but the sightly islands gave me more than a million reasons once more to explore and see more of this beautiful Archipelago and praise God, the designer of it all.

Dream of the ocean. See the ocean. Be near one.

Enjoy life in transit,